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Triumph Academy is a 501c3 non-profit all male school (ages 12-18) that was founded in 2000.  The Academy works in conjunction with Triumph Youth Services to provide highly customized education for students in Residential Treatment.  Triumph Academy is also licensed to work with students over the age of 18 who need extra time and support in school.

Triumph Academy operates approximately 263 school days per year and provides a monthly collaboration with parents and education consultants on student’s progress.

Upon graduation a student Receives a diploma specifically from Triumph Academy, which allows colleges and employers to see the private education without the residential treatment directly attached.


Triumph specializes in helping youth with many issues, such as substance addiction/abuse, emotional and behavioral problems, low self-esteem, defiance, underachievement, ADHD, learning challenges, depression, anxiety, adoption-related issues, and family conflict.



To provide an individual education in which students with both academic and emotional needs can be served and thrive successfully. All students can learn if given the proper environment, care and tools; thus, Triumph Academy is committed to each individuals experience.


The Experience

Well rounded students including Finance, Athletics, Recreation, In the field training, Service and Life Skills, Career Planning, Face to face learning and the use of Technology. Students step up into leadership roles rather than just learning about them.

The Academy Experience


All students can learn, given the right environment!   At Triumph Academy, the goal for students is to graduate from High School with a full Diploma.

Upon graduation students receive a diploma specifically from Triumph Academy, which allows colleges and employers to see the private education without the residential treatment directly attached.

Triumph Academy works closely with all school districts on the specific needs of students.  In discussion with the treatment team and parents, students will be given the opportunity to complete their final credits with their school of residence.  This allows Out of State students the benefit of in-state tuition if they decide to go to college close to home.

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Specialize in IEP

Curriculum is integrated with:

  • Proven Techniques

  • Technology

  • Sports

  • Field Work

  • And More

Also Featuring:

  • Rugby

  • Retreiver Training

  • Alaska Adventures

Triumph Retriever Program

Triumph Academy’s Retriever Program is a first class, hands on training program.  With an average of 8 retrievers in the program at a time, the boys train the retriever from the first stage of training all the way through competition.

The program includes training, handling, competitions, travel and supporting local community clubs.

The boys learn patience, positive recreation, communication, responsibility, dealing with failure and persistence and so much more.

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TYS Retrievers
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Alaska Adventures

In addition to the adventures the students get to experience all year long, each summer they get the opportunity to join the President of the company, Sterling Lyman, in Alaska for a truly great experience.

The youth enjoy river fishing, deep sea fishing, hiking, glacier exploration, kayaking, river rafting and sightseeing at it’s finest.

See some great images on our Alaska Adventures page!

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